Terms & Conditions of Trade

All products, goods and services supplied by Shirtysomething Ltd are on the express understanding that the purchaser agrees to Shirtysomething Ltd’s Terms & Conditions of Trade as set out below.


We are happy to quote over the phone; however, if you wish to place an order we will normally follow this up with a written quotation (which we will normally email to you, either as a summary total or a detailed quote in Acrobat .psd format) – we will take your written acceptance of the quotation as our authority to start work on the order. This acceptance can be sent by email or by post. It must be accompanied by the name and phone number of the person in your organisation accepting the quotation, and thus the responsibility for providing artwork and instructions (as specified below.) Quotations are valid for seven days from date of quotation.


Artwork can be provided in one of the following formats:

1. Computer file (ideally, .jpg, .gif or .psd at 300dpi, at actual print size, or any vector format) accompanied by details of the exact print size(s) required, image placement instructions and samples or descriptions of the print colours required.
2. Acetate (colour-separated if necessary)
3. Camera-ready hard-copy (actual size, or accompanied by details of exact print size requirements)

For colour prints, please specify Pantone numbers where possible. If no Pantone number is given, please provide a colour proof; if no precise colour information is given, we will work from your written or verbal instructions but can accept no responsibility if your idea of “sort of greeny-blue” differs from ours!

Please remember that printing onto garments is not the same as printing onto paper, and exact colour-matching is not a straightforward process: we mix inks specifically for each job, and will do our very best to get as close as possible to your specified requirements, but it’s always possible that there may be very slight differences between a colour mixed to a Pantone reference and the same colour printed on a shirt.

Repeat orders will be matched as closely as we can to previous batches, but there may always be a degree of colour variation due to variations between batches of ink. Similarly, garment colours may vary slightly between batches; many brands manufacture the "same" garment in several different countries, and slight variations in dye density etc. are inevitable. Such variations, within reasonable tolerances, are unavoidable, and we therefore can't guarantee absolute consistency of either print or garment colour bewteen (or even within) batches.

Where the is more than one obvious method of printing a particular design, we will discuss this with you; please be aware that reducing the number of screens for a colour or half-tone image will reduce costs, but may also have an effect on the appearance of the image.


Please check that our quote details your exact garment type, colour and size requirements; once an order has been confirmed we may be unable to change the composition of the order (other than to add to it) as we work to very short lead times and source garments specifically for each job.


It is your responsibility to ensure that your instructions are exact and complete. We will endeavour to fulfil those requirements as closely as technically possible. In the unlikely event that you feel that we have not done so, please notify us immediately on receipt of your garments so that we can investigate. In exceptional circumstances we reserve the right to allow, at our absolute discretion, non-acceptance of an order, if we have clearly and radically failed to follow your instructions. In such a case we may, at our absolute discretion, offer a full or partial refund, or replacement, depending upon the seriousness of the failure. However, if any acceptance issue is raised which results from vagueness or other inadequacy of your instructions to us, we regret that the responsibility remains yours, and the invoice remains payable in full.

Any items not returned to us within seven days of delivery will be deemed to have been accepted "as is".

Quality assurance

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our work. We print using the highest quality inks, to ensure that every job is completed to the highest standards, and every printed garment is inspected by at least two people before being packed for shipping. The nature of the screen-printing process is such that there will inevitably be some tiny variations in the positioning of prints on garments within a batch; this is usually undetectable, and is an unavoidable characteristic of the technique. There are also occasional slight variations in colour and size integrity within a batch of shirts – this, along with consistency of garment build quality, is something completely outside our control, and we must ask you to understand that such variations must be accepted as normal, and not “faults” (within the standard tolerances prevalent in the garment manufacturing industry.) However, if you receive a garment which has a clear and manifest fault – an obvious hole, a blatant stain or a clear shaping fault – we will of course replace or refund it. We do check every garment before printing (we can’t return garments to our supplier that are printed and subsequently turn out to be faulty) – only a tiny number (at time of writing, about ten) have slipped through the net and ended up being shipped to clients – so it’s unlikely that you will find a faulty garment, but please do let us know if you do!

It is also an inevitable characteristic of fabric garments that some slight shrinkage may occur after washing: we choose the garments we supply carefully to ensure that we use brands with the best shrink-resistance characteristics.

Fabric is not a rigid material; stretching is inevitable during the process of being worn, washed etc., so we use additives in our inks to enable printed designs to stretch and maintain their integrity during the course of normal use, and avoid the “cracking” found on lower-quality prints. However, under extreme stress even our prints may be subject to some slight degradation, and of course over long periods of time (and cycles of washing) a small amount of wear-and-tear is inevitable. Our prints are properly cured so that they won’t come off, even under extreme conditions, but minor degradation as described, while rare, does occasionally happen and is normal, not an indication of a fault with the print or the garment.


We make every effort to deliver each job within as short a time as possible, and by specific deadlines if so requested. However, delays can be caused by circumstances outside our control such that we might be unable to deliver by a specified date (it hasn’t happened yet, but it’s not impossible!) – therefore, we can’t accept responsibility for any losses you may incur due to your order arriving later than had been anticipated. We ship virtually all our deliveries via DPD Next Day to ensure that they get there unhindered; however, again, no delivery company is infallible, and DPD (in common with all next-day couriers) do not offer a consequential loss insurance option; we therefore recommend that you specify (when confirming the order) a delivery deadline two or more days prior to your actual “must-have-them-by” date, so that in the unlikely event of a drama, we have a good chance of resolving it before it turns into a crisis.


If for any reason you should cancel a confirmed order, you will be charged only for the work done prior to the time of cancellation (if any.) If the garments have not been sourced, and no other work has yet been done on the order, there is no charge for cancellation; any advance payments made will be refunded in full. If we have already sourced the garments, you will be liable to pay our supplier’s returns charge (which is normally 20% of the wholesale price of the garments) plus the cost of the return delivery. If colour-separations have been performed, and/or screens made, you will be liable for the relevant charges. If garments have already been printed, you will be liable to pay the full quoted price for the number of garments already printed plus the screen and any other set-up charges.


Please pay the invoice within the time indicated in the Payment Terms. Our preferred methods of payment are BACS transfer, debit card, credit card or cheque. Cheque payments returned unpaid by our bank must be settled within 5 days of our notifying you of the problem; we reserve the right to charge a £10 administration fee per unpaid cheque.

Overdue payment

We reserve the right to charge interest at 8% above the Bank of England base rate (compound interest calculated daily) on any amount remaining unpaid after the end of the time indicated in the Payment Terms on your invoice. Prior to such a charge coming into effect, you would be sent a reminder to ensure that no interest accrues without your explicit knowledge (payment within 5 days of that reminder will prevent interest being charged, even if the invoice’s payment period has already expired.)
Should any balance due remain unpaid 14 days after the due date indicated in the Payment Terms on your invoice, the account will be passed to a debt collection agency, Daniels Silverman Limited, and will be subject to a surcharge of 15% plus VAT to cover the collection costs incurred. This surcharge, together with all other charges and legal fees incurred (including a tracing charge of £45 plus VAT if required) and interest as specified above will be the responsibility of the customer and will be legally enforceable.

Please be aware that by placing an order you are entering into a contractual arrangement on behalf of your self and (if applicable) your band/organization/society, regardless of your individual business status, age or other considerations. We offer an extremely cost-effective service, intended to help all our customers as best we can, and we can only continue to do so if we receive payment on time and without having to spend months or years trying to secure it. If, having exhausted all other attempts to obtain payment, we are compelled to pass an account for third-party collection, it’s not because we are evil blood-sucking bastards; we are a small, friendly, hard-working team which can only continue to operate if people pay their bills.


By placing an order with us, you grant us the right to record, retain and use your name, address, phone and email details, and to record your order history, in accordance with our Privacy Policy (www.shirtysomething.com/privacy).