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12.11.14: Big Deal continues - and now there's a Cap Deal too!
You can still grab yourself a Big Deal on a batch of 50, 100, 200 or 500 t-shirts, and we now have a VAT-inclusive Cap Deal on baseball and trucker caps in a wide range of colours.

We print t-shirts. That's what we do. Oh yes indeedy.

We are a small team of specialist screen printing chaps based in Nottingham, England. Our well-equipped 4000sq ft factory contains one semi-automatic print carousel, three manual print carousels, a big blue thing, six brains, several reasonably impressive beards and more sarcasm than is strictly speaking necessary.

Band t-shirts are our speciality - we've printed over a million of them - but we also print for sports teams, custom clothing companies, charities, clubs, stag/hen/wombat parties, businesses, astronauts...

We're cooking up some deals and discounts: stay in the loop by following us on Twitter:



Left it to the last minute, eh? Calm down, calm down - press the Panic Button and we'll transport you to a parallel universe in which musicans can make decisions, students get up before teatime, and emergency t-shirt orders can be turned around in hours, not weeks...



We were bluffing about the astronauts.